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    IN MEMORY       ALWAYS, WITH LOVE....     IN MEMORY OF VICKI ALWARD On April 2, 2011, Vicki Alward, of Decatur, Illinois, lost a seven year battle with Lynch cancers. She raised four wonderful children and adored four grandchildren, was a loving wife and a nurturing mother. She was loved by a community. Her passion was writing poetry, traveling the world and spending time with her family. Her laugh, smile and heart encouraged those to live and cherish life. A giving person, she changed the lives of people she touched, both during and following life, including many of us and our families. We are so very grateful to her, her family and to those who loved her...our hearts are with Dr. Philip Alward, the Alward family and all those who loved and still love her. Diana Odon Advanced Eyecare Sally Hodges Dawn Bruner Christine Swim Mary Totel Ron McGregor, MD Roland Carlson The Robert and Elise Rokose Family Katherine G. Bellows The Robert and Norma Reedy Family The Paul and Shirley Stanley Family Janet Gaither Sikitch, LLP The William and Peggy Watson Family Betty L. Holt Macon County Eye Center The Lloyd and Jo Ellen Allsop Family Cara S. Montgomery Sarah E. Helton Jeffrey M. Smith, MD John Lee, MD The Jerald and Miriam Jackson Family The Philip Alward Family The Thomas and Emilee Best Family The Clark and Shirley Furr Family The James and Phyllis Brubaker Family Macon Family Medical Society John H. Huff Dan and Dorothy Frishkorn Family Arthur and Natalie Sweet Alfred and Shirley Ann Blickensderfer Diane Odin Paul E. Kroenlien Richard and Toni Helton Alliance Global Investors Reagan and Cathy Flemming Marsha Grubb Dr. Norman Tolly, Center for Sight   In Memory of Tom Kaiser The Cook Family   Memorial in Honor of Pamela Kaye Vollmer Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Allsop Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Allsop     Memorial in Honor of Rachel George-Greenwalt   Sometimes people come into our lives for reasons unknown to help us learn, to inspire us or to serve as a warning. Rachel George-Greenwalt was one of those persons who will always live within our memories as she provided all of that and more during our encounter and working together to protect families and save lives. On December 10, 2011, Rachel George-Greenwalt passed away from a rare Stage 4 cancer of the appendix. Rachel was a passionate and active volunteer of Lynch Syndrome International. Despite a terminal diagnosis, she never complained. She always thought of others first, never gave up and participated in representing LSI at Relay for Life events and at local parades. She was a strong advocate of those at high risk for Lynch syndrome and participated in clinical trials in an attempt to find a vaccine which would be effective in fighting our cancers as well as authored a blog, sharing her experiences with fighting Lynch cancers. She was a radio personality in her local area, a loving wife, a mother of two little girls under the age of five, a loving daughter of one of our active volunteers and a wonderful sister to several siblings. She and her sister Mickie were very close and supportive toward one another, both dedicated toward public awareness of Lynch syndrome. We will miss Rachel dearly. Her courage inspired us and her spirit will live within us as we speak to each and every physician, each and every person at high risk for Lynch cancers and as we advocate and work toward getting more research for those with Lynch syndrome.  Her family works hard with Lynch Syndrome International to create public awareness and promote research endeavors in Ohio. Lisa Whited, dedicated to Mickey George Margaret Davidson, dedicated to the George/Greenwalt Families Jennifer Taylor, dedicated to Erma Rutter Janet Pierce, dedicated to Jason Greenwalt Anonymous Stephen and Linda Bruzzone Jane Linscott Pat Talder Charles and KarenTornes Denis and Anna Pierce Tina Kanios Janet Pierce dedicated in Memory of Rachel Greenwalt Anonymous In Memory of Rachel Greenwalt Jennifer Taylor dedicated to Erma Rutter Lisa Whited dedicated to the Memory of Rachel Greenwalt Charles and Enid Tholin in Memory of Rachel Greenwalt Damian and Wendy Chrisman Family Douglas L. and Gina Sampson Family David and Susan West Family Scott Eaton in Memory of Rachel Greenwalt Michelle George in Memory of Rachel Greenwalt   In Memory of Todd Painter   At the age of thirty eight years old, Todd Painter of Shady Side, Maryland, passed away peacefully of a Lynch syndrome related cancer. Todd not only served his country as a member of the Maryland National Guard, but was a wonderful husband and father to two very young daughters. He was an loyal Redskins fan, followed the NASCAR circuit and was an avid outdoors enthusiast and hunter. He was recently inducted into the Annapolis Area Christian Schools' Hall of Fame for excellence in soccer, wrestling and baseball, serving as a Captain in all three sports. Our hearts are with his wife Marina, his children, his parents, brothers and sisters and all those who loved and still love him.   Rochelle Smith Humphrey Frederick C and Nancy A. Meyer Family Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Robeson Family Douglas S. and Nancy O. Snyder Family Edward M. and Nancy A. Riley Family James E. and Francis G. Catterton Family Latva-Kokko Family Watkins Meegan LLC Rochelle Smith-Humphrey Virginia Andrews Gayle Grasso, In the Name of Tommy Painter Brian Andrews Charles Aldeman In the Name of Tommy Painter Bill Dennison In the Name of the Painter Family Alice Womble In the Name of William J. Painter Richard Steffan In the Name of Marina Painter Leo and Kathleen Stimmler Ernest and Virginia Wiltsey Charles Breiterman   In Memory of Patricia Diane Lawson LAWSON, Patricia Diane (Robertson) "Trish" 61, passed away peacefully surrounded by her family at home on April 2, 2012, after a long courageous battle with lung cancer. Trish was born Sept. 29, 1950 at Tampa General Hospital to the late L.D. Robertson, Jr, and Frances Mitchell Robertson. She attended Gorrie Elementary, Wislon Jr High, and H.B. Plant High School, before her fathers work temporarily moved them to New Jersey where she graduated from Stevens H.S. in Edison. She tirelessly worked for Centerplate (formerly Canteen & Volume Services) for 35 years in the Tampa Bay area up until her Stage IV diagnosis on 11/30/2010. She was the General Manager of all food, beverage, & merchandise sales for their following locations: Tampa Stadium, where she had the honor of turning the lights off for the last time for the entire Big Sombrero after their last event; McKecknie Field in Bradenton, & the NYY Legends Field. Lastly she worked for Centerplate as the Controller of Tropicana Field. She is survived by her husband, John Lawson, and her loving daughter, Caren Carney Berry and son-in-law, Paul Berry, and precious granddaughter Camryn Diane Berry of Tampa; her sister and husband, Cathy and Frank Uvanni of Crystal River; her niece and husband, Kristin and Dan Rose, and their children Katelynn, Dominick, & Hayden of Tampa; and niece Ayren Anderson and son Anderson Briggs of Tampa; and former husband James F. Carney, Jr. of Apopka. Trish was the great-great-granddaughter of Nelson Tift, founder of Albany, GA. She loved spending time in Key West where the Tift family was the original owners of the Hemingway House. The current Shiprwrecker's Museum has actors playing her ancestors as their tour guides. The Tift Ice Warehouse, currently the Shell Warehouse, still stands at Mallory Square where she enjoyed many of sunsets. Trish was a 3rd generation Davis Islander and loved the water so much she lived on a boat for five years, before returning to her home on Davis Islands. The most important legacy Trish leaves behind is her generosity and caring heart. She impacted many of her employees' lives and the community through her contributions to numerous Bay Area charities that have throughout the years developed Tampa into a city of destination. Trish had a passion for helping others. She helped begin Open Arms Ministry at Hyde Park United Methodist serving the homeless. What started as a simple hot cooked breakfast on Sunday mornings in the church parking lot has now blossomed into a model program for other communities. Tampa Bay Rays Baseball Steve and Linda Bruzzone The family of Patricia Lawson are very active with Lynch Syndrome International and strong advocate for public awareness and research in the State of Florida.     In Memory of Kate Murphy   Kathleen M. “Kate” Murphy, of Skaneateles, NY, passed away on October 3, 2012, at the age of 70 due to complications associated with Lynch Syndrome related colorectal cancer.  She battled various Lynch syndrome cancers and MS beginning in 1983 and spent the last seventeen years serving others by working as a passionate advocate. Kate graduated from Norwich High school in 1960 as a National Merit Scholarship finalist and salutorian.  She attended the University of Buffalo and, afterward, taught math, worked for Head Start, was Exutive Director of the YCA, then the consortium for Children’s Services and finally retired from the Syracuse Community Health Center in 1995.  Becoming involved in colorectal cancer advocacy, she helped found the Colon Cancer Alliance, Fight Colorectal Cancer and Lynch Syndrome International, where she served as an interim President, during the formation of the organization.  Kate served on many scientific committees of the NCI, DOD, and State of Texas, which reviewed grant proposals, monitored patient safety and developed research concepts and priorities. She was a published poet, with her husband Tom took in rescue dogs, was an avid swimmer, loved travel by train and sailing on Skaneateles Lake.  Her granddaughter, Sophia, was her favorite topic of bright and happy conversation. Kate is survived by her husband, Tom of Skaneateles; her two sons and a granddaughter.  She is dearly missed.   In Memory of Gayle Krenik Julia Zdrazil Tim Krenik Acting in honor of their mother, Tim and Julia are both strong advocates with Lynch Syndrome International in their respective states of Minnesota and Texas.   In Memory of Paula Rubin   Melissa A. Gatusso Michael and Jennifer Judge Sean and Erin Erney Peter Glintz Marion Kerr Richard and Gloria Ronca Kenneth and Laurie Renko Suzanne Cook Michael and Brenda Palucki Holly Boykin Scott and Shirleen Smiley Floyd and Mary Gladwell Greg and Lauren Machita Andrew and Shawn Towne Roland and Kelley Olson Pampered Chef Corporation Angela Teles James and Marnie McDonald Daniel and Heather Ronca Lisa Ronca Kimberly F. Petriga Shelly L. Meier Justgine E. Layser Suzanne Cook Michael and Brenda Palucki Karla and Larry Edwards Caroline H. Lavenduski John and Margaret R. Kotes Joseph and Kimberly Petriga Family Melissa A. Gattuso Joseph and Wendy Casillo Lawrence and Susan Antonelli Morris The cousins and family members of Paul Rubin are very big advocates with Lynch Syndrome International and, in Paula's honor, each year, hold a major fundraiser to raise funding for public awareness, support and research of Lynch syndrome.   DOROTHY AND JOHN SPINETTO Wendy Allen in the name of Joanne Spinetto Marty In Memory of Dorothy and John Spinetto   IN MEMORY OF THOSE OF THE RAMSEY FAMILY   In Memory of Grandmother Charlotte Fawkes Finley and mother, Charlotte Finley Ramsey, who both died far too young, and to Charlotte Lynne Clark who is still doing well following her third Lynch related cancer, thanks to genetic testing and proper monitoring...from their loving grandson, son and brother, Marc Ramsey.     IN MEMORY OF THE SNELLING FAMILY In Memory of Great Grandfather Harrie Snelling, his son Hap Snelling and daughter Marcella Snelling, with gratitude for the hope and promise of a future which will allow for families to live.  The descendants of this family are extremely involved with Lynch Syndrome International.  Today, they live.     IN MEMORY OF AMY MANISCALCO   Amy Maniscalco, 37 years old passed away from endometrial cancer due to Lynch syndrome. She was an extraordinary young woman. Her father was her "buddy," as they worked through Lynch syndrome cancers together, with dignity, often humor and with a wonderful positive attitude.     Amy, My Strong Lady   You bring chocolate covered strawberries And strawberry shortcake to family Easter dinners,   Wake a quiet room with your spirit And a laugh that punctuates your funny commentary.   You are the perky “Hey guys” on the message machine The one I still cannot erase.   Cancer was a war waged Against the beauty that was you. So you fought.   You rallied the troops Wrapped your arms around your family To protect them. A giving that was customary for you.     Every assault was attacked With precision. Every insult was met With grace. “Hey Aunt Meg, I got a prescription for a wig. I’m going shopping with Mom” With humor “Maybe a red one..”   We could not cry for you Because you didn’t. Not when the first clot hit your lung Or the last that stole your speech.   How kind you were to all of us. Never whispering the secrets of your sickness Or your shortened sense of time.   Said you wanted no expiration date stamped on your forehead- A date that came too soon- Took even you by surprise That Thursday night   When the clot surgeon searched for 7 hours, When we cried in the waiting room While American idol played on the flat screen TV. You fought your final battle.   We felt your arms slowly fall away. They could not cushion us any longer. This enemy was faster and deadlier Than the cancer you endured.   And you “Strong Lady” lay quietly While we cried For the gift that would no longer be ours,   For the hole in our hearts That will never be filled, For the love of an extraordinary young woman, And her short life, well lived.   Amy, as an advocate, authored the blog "The Lynch Sister's Incomplete Guide to Christianity, Cake and Cancer," which she described as "an imperfect Christian woman's endometrial cancer fight, one ridiculously true story at a time."       IN MEMORY OF ASHLEY BEZDEK   Ashley Lauren Bezdek, age 27, passed away on May 29, 2013 at Houston Hospice from Lynch syndrome related endometrial cancer. A native Houstonian, Ashley was born on August 23, 1985 to Brent Bezdek and Jamie Kennedy at Memorial City Hospital.  She was an avid LSI volunteer and exhibited incredible strength and passion for life. Ashley graduated from Mayde Creek High School, Katy, Texas in 2003. After high school she worked a variety of jobs, but was most passionate about the swimming pool industry. Following in her grandfather’s (Gilbert Bezdek, deceased) and father’s (Brent, deceased) footsteps, or possibly the chlorine in their blood, she worked as a pool cleaner, trainer, supervisor, retail sales, and cleaner repairs (Bette, they are all yours now!!) Sweetwater Pool and Patio in Bellaire was her second home of work family and real family too. Sheila Bezdek, (Brent’s widow) and her husband, Cesar Tena, their children, and Lillian Kucera, (Sheila’s mother). Ashley did not work for the past two years. She would go in as often as her energy allowed and would ride along to pool sites with her best bud, Dirkland Stephens from time to time. Last Wednesday, during his visit to the house, he told her something and she laughed, really laughed. It was also the last time she laughed. Kara Tesch has been Ashley’s best friend since September 1991 when they were in first grade. Mike and Elaine Tesch, Kara’s parents, and their daughter/little sister, Kasey (deceased), were her other family. The long-time residents of our neighborhood have all been part of Ashley’s life, just as their children have mine. Kasey’s cancer death set the stage for every other family and friend’s cancer diagnosis and outcome, including her own. Each of the Tesch’s and many from their huge family, were part of our last conversation. Ashley’s cancer journey was not kind. Most aren’t, but hers was laden with complications and frequent emergency room visits. There are many amazing doctors and some of the best nurses and CNAs, especially on unit 6A/6B, where she spend nearly the entire month of December 2011. Cynthia Baily-Delosbore was our "everything chemo and radiation" navigator from the beginning. Dr. Alexie Cintron joined Ashley’s Baylor team to provide pain management and palliative care in July 2011. He and Allison Torregrossa in the Anti-coaguation Clinic at Quentin Mease were involved in her care until the end. The entire staff at MD Anderson exceeded our expectations, particularly with Drs. Ramondetta, Jhingran, and McAleer their staff. The nurses, doctors, and support staff from both the inpatient and field units at Houston Hospice cared for Ashley and me with the utmost care and dignity as her life slipped away. Denise, Sarah, Stefanie, Cynthia, Nora, Chantre and others were instrumental in keeping us both comfortable during Ashley's last hours.Thank you doesn’t convey the sentiment . Ashley was preceded in death by her father, Brent Bezdek, great grandparents, Albin and Della Bezdek, grandparents, Gilbert Bezdek and Karen Severin, and uncle, David Bezdek. Ashley is survived by her mothers, Jamie Kennedy (Jay Williams) of Katy, Texas, and Sheila Bezdek (Cesar Tena) of Stafford, Texas, grandparents Carolyn Bezdek, Verna “Weird Grandma” Hillery (Ed) of Houston, Texas, Lillian Kucera of Stafford, Texas, and Doob, her yellow lab and faithful, yet challenging, companion. A visitation will be held at Woodlawn Funeral Home, 1101 Antoine Drive at Katy Freeway, Houston, Texas 77055 from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm on Friday, May 31, 2013. The memorial service will be on Saturday, June 1, 2013 at 10:00 am, also at the Woodlawn Funeral Home. Burial will follow at the Woodlawn Cemetary.   Note: Ashley and her mother Jamie were very active volunteers of Lynch Syndrome International.  Two months prior to her death, Ashley met with the Mayor of Houston and obtained a proclamation declaring Lynch Syndrome Hereditary Cancer Public Awareness Day. Her mother is very involved with Lynch Syndrome International in the Texas area.                                                                     Louise and James Alexander                                                                   Clinton and Rebecca Carson Family                                                                   Cabana Pools                                                                   Cathy Hillery                                                                   Carolyn Bezdek                                                                   My Tribute Gift Foundation, Inc.                                                                   Shannon Richards                                                                   Janet Fleming                                                                                                           IN MEMORY OF CINDY BETTS    Cynthia was born November 6, 1948 in Decatur, IL, the daughter of Edwin and Jean (Lyda) Wortman. She married Robert Betts Sr. in Decatur on November 19, 1967. He preceded her in death on August 8, 2007. Cynthia worked for the American Red Cross for 7 years as a volunteer coordinator and most recently was an office manager. She was a former “volunteer of the year” with the American Red Cross. In recent years, Cynthia advocated strongly for Lynch Syndrome Awareness. She loved taking shopping trips with her sisters, spending time with her grandkids, and meeting with friends at the Bingo Hall. She is survived by her sons Robert Betts, Jr. (Danae) of Rockton, IL, Thomas Betts (Donna) of Bastrop, TX; grandchildren Dakota Betts, Madalyn Betts, Nolan Betts, Connor Betts; mother Jean Wortman; sisters Phyllis Prell (John) of Ft. Smith, AR; Patty Wisehan of St. Louis, MO; brothers David Wortman (Debbie) of Elizabethton, TN; Mike Wortman (Mary) of Decatur, IL; Timothy Wortman (Becky) of Decatur, IL. She was preceded in death by her father Edwin, husband Robert, brother Charles Wortman, sister Cathy Lymer, and son Robbie.  The Wortman family are very strong advocates with Lynch Syndrome International, creating public awareness and helping seek treatment alternatives for Lynch syndrome cancers..  Thomas and Twyla Juehne William and Sharon Cole Betty and Rosalyn Steven and Sue Williams William and Sharon Cole Terrell and Molly Lienhart Ginger Wortman Edward Jones Region 209 Robert Simis David and Deborah Wortman Dr. Brent Laing and Diane Laing Susan Martina in the name of Patty Wiesehan  Nancy Vogel in the name of Patty Wiesehan John Holland in the name of David Wortman Michael Wortman Sigma-Aldrich, in the name of Patty Wiesehan David Hayes Sarah Kneller in the name of Patty Wiesehan Jack and Phyllis Meece   IN MEMORY OF MIMI EISMAN Anonymous in the name of Ben and Shelley Holmes.  Ben is a strong advocate for those with Lynch syndrome, by engaging in endurance races for public awareness.   IN MEMORY OF LELA BETSUKELI Natia Porter Natia is a strong advocate for Lynch Syndrome International and is involved in activities in Manhattan and in her native country of Slovenia.   IN MEMORY OF SANDY RAILSBACK FINLAYSON     Sandra "Sandy" Kaye Railsback Finlayson, 58, lost her 42-year courageous, inspiring and resilient battle against cancer Wednesday, March 12, 2014, in Grapevine, Texas, surrounded by her loving family. Celebration of life: 2 p.m. Thursday, March 20, at White's Chapel United Methodist Church in Southlake. Sandy was born July 21, 1955, in Canyon. She will always be remembered for her sense of humor, optimism, compassion for others and her contagiously bright smile. She was preceded in death by a son, Tyler Finlayson. Survivors: Husband, John Finlayson of Southlake; daughter, Erica Perry and husband, Zane, of Lubbock; son, Tony Finlayson of Roanoke; granddaughter, Presley; future grandson, Cody; parents, Dick and Joyce Railsback of Amarillo; sister, Brenda Keener and husband, Bob, of Prosper; sister, Linda Mahard and husband, Andy, of Prosper; brother, Scott Railsback and wife, Cynthia, of Wylie; sister-in-law, Susan McCaskill and husband, Doug, of Chesterfield, Mo.; and numerous nieces and nephews who adored her. -   Shawn W. Corpening in Hope Of Sandy Railsback Finlayson Jennie Bailey dedicated to Erica Perry and in Memory of Sandy Railsback Finlayson Joan Bettencourt dedicated to Erica Perry and in Memory of Sandy Railsback Finlayson Erica Perry dedicated to Tony Findlayson in Memory of Sandy Railsback Finlayson Tony Finlayson dedicated to Erica Perry in Memory of Sandy Railsback Finlayson Deanna Martin dedicated to John Finlayson in Memory of Sandy Railsback Finlayson Linda Mahard dedicated to Erica Perry in Memory of SAndy Railsback Finlayson Susan and Douglas McCaskill in Memory of Sandy Railsback Finlayson       IN MEMORY OF KAREN OESCH   Karen "Gar" Louise Oesch  (July 7, 1944 - December 16, 2013) Columbiana, Ohio    Karen “Gar” Louise Oesch, age 69, of Columbiana, died on Monday, December 16, 013, at the Hospice House in Poland. She had Lynch Syndrome and fought four cancers; colon, breast, endometrial and lung, although she died from lung fibrosis due to radiation damage, a complication from lung cancer treatment. She was born on July 7, 1944, in Youngstown, a daughter of the late Mark Gilbert Myers and the late Ruby Agnes Bishop Myers. Karen was a graduate of Springfield Local High School and spent most of her life working as a homemaker. She was active within her church having attended both the First Presbyterian Church of Columbiana and more recently, the First Christian Church of Columbiana. She enjoyed singing in the choir, participating in the bell choir and volunteering when she could. It was through her church that she volunteered her time to hold church services for the residents of Parkside Health Care Center. She also enjoyed lifting people’s spirits with her own personal card and hospitality ministry, as well as sewing blankets for loved ones. Mostly, Karen enjoyed being a wife, mother and grandmother. She loved spending time with her family and hosting holiday parties. She is survived by her husband, Harold L. Oesch, whom she married on September 2, 1982; two daughters, Melanie (Gregory) Sprouse of Columbiana and Jill Ann (Kenneth) Chang of Canton; a son, David (Lynn) Wyant of Austintown, two step-daughters, Candice (Jim) Downie of Columbiana and Michelle Oesch of North Lima; a step-son, Michael (Shelley) Oesch of Chicago, Ill.; two sisters, Ruth (Tom) Williams of Westerville, OH and Beverly (Gordan) Withers of Petersburg, OH and a sister in-law, Nancy Myers of Columbiana. Also surviving are thirteen grandchildren and five great grandchildren.  Karen was preceded in death by her twin brother, Kenneth Myers.Larry and Barbara Baughman.  Her family are strong advocates with Lynch Syndrome International, in order to protect families and save lives from Lynch syndrome cancers. Hope   She was in the middle of her life, When it came in like a knife. She had experienced this before, But she never thought she would have more.   Cancer is the ugly beast, Who came in for a feast. She fought with might, And won the fight .   But it scarred her forever, Of the things we endured together. I wish it could have been another, But The Lord chose it to be my grandmother.                                                  ~ written by Christian Chang    James Dahlin in the name of Shelley Oesch in the memory of Karen Oesch Carol Howard in the name of Melanie Sprouse in the Memory of Karen Oesch Cheryl Ruskowski in Memory of Karen Oesch Michelle Oesch dedicated to Jill Chang in Memory of Karen Oesch Melanie and Greg Sprouse in Memory of Karen Oesch Emily and Zack Dorn in Memory of Karen Oesch Becky Essenmacher in Memory of Karen Oesch Lynn Wyant in Memory of Karen Oesch Larry and Barbara Baughman in Memory of Karen Oesch Christian Chang in Memory of Karen Oesch     IN MEMORY OF SERGEANT ALAN JASPER (A.J.) CASTILLO     On March 29, 2012, Sergeant Alan Jasper (A.J.) Castillo would have been 29 years of age.  He passed away ten days earlier from colorectal cancer metastases.   AJ attended Grenwood High School and then went on to Arkansas Tech  in Russeville, Arkansas.  His major was Child Pychology. He had a soft spot for children and animals and people, and could not handle to see them hurt. He loved  his school, music, family and friends.  He always looked for and found a good side in everyone, and was always a caregiver to many.  In 2008 he decided to follow the footsteps of his older brothers, and joined the Army. Fresh out of boot camp he development a love for the military and decided to become a career soldier. He received many awards and medals.  His accomplishments excelled above many of his peers. He met and married Kayla, a fellow soldier, and with her, became a father to baby Lily. AJ had two loves, his new family and the military. He worked hard to build his future he advanced into the 3RD  U.S. Infantry Regiment, (The Old Guard) and the D.O.D. Dept of Army. He prepared to deploy overseas and fulfill his mission in military intelligence. Soon after, he was diagnosed with a Lynch syndrome cancer which didn't slow him down, but only made him work harder to develop a future for his new family. He felt he was better and underwent his predeployment physical, at which time metastases was detected. As time progressed, the cancer took a toll on him but he never lost his love for life despite knowing his fate. On March 19th 2012 he took his last walk down the hall of the hospice center in Houston, Tx. and on March 21st, 2012 at 2:55 am, he took his last breath in the arms of his wife. AJ's life left a big impact on all the people that knew him.  He was a soldier that will never be forgotten. He was laid to rest with full honors by his comrades, The Old Guard, in Fort Smith at the National Cemetery. He had so many friends, men and women in the military came from all over the United States, that his service was one of the largest military ceremonies held in Fort Smith. AJ is remembered and revered with pride by many, including his father, Robert, (Bucky) Castillo.  "He made me so proud I will always love him." his father wrote.  His family are advocates with LSI to help protect families and save lives.     In Memory of Betty Simpson                                             Mollie Mather in the Name of Linda Maher In Memory of Betty Simpson Read more here:       Updated 4/9/2014
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Photo - Courtesy Stephen Thomas INTERNATIONAL RESOURCES Many countries offer governmental furnished health care or governmental subsidized health care. In the Americas, countries offering universal health care include: Argentina (combination of employer, labor union, governmental and private plans) Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Grenland, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, Trinidad, Tobaga and Venezuala. In Asia and the Middle East, countries offering universal health insurance include: Bhutan, Hong Kong (with the second highest survival rate in the world); China, Macau, North Korea, Mongolia, Khazakstan, Tajekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbijan, Pakistan, Jordan, Oman. India's health care is operated by federal governments. Israel furnishes basic health care. Almost all of Europe has basic or general health care. Some countries offer health care for sickness and basic care and individuals have the opportunity to supplement their health care with private programs. The Netherlands has a dual system whereupon all primary care is furnished by private corporation or individuals and long termed care is furnished by the government through taxation. Taxation does pay part of the health care premiums. In Russia, health care is free of charge, whereas in Australia, government expends about sixty percent of the costs. In Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Libya, Algeria, South Africa, Tunisia and Ghana offer universal health care to their populations. Early diagnosis of cancers make Lynch syndrome cancers very treatable and making certain those at risk have access to the resources which can enhance the quality of life for them and for their families. INFORMATION Open Access to Free Journals and Studies: Genome Biology Genome Medicine BMC Genomics BMC Medical Genomics BMC Genetics BMC Medical Genetics BMC Molecular Biology Genetic Vaccines and Therapy Genetics Selection Evolution Investigative Genetics Genome Integrity Mobile DNA BMC Informatics Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases BMC Medicine INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS The Human Genome -Information, Education and Statistics on International Genetics The Human Variome Project International, Ltd International Society for Gastrointestinal Hereditary Tumours - InSight National Center for Biotechnical Information -Information, Education and Statistics on International Genetics Orphanet - Information on Rare Diseases Orphanet - Lynch Syndrome Support Group Page Orphanet International Trial Search World Health Organization: Genetic Counseling The American Society of Human Genetics American College of Human Genetics American Board of Genetic Counseling American Board of Medical Genetics National Coalition for Health Education In Genetics International Society of Nurses in Genetics Association of Genetics Technologists Genetic Society of America Federal of American Societies for Experimental Biology American Society of Gene Therapy Ibero American Society of Human Genetics of North America EuroGenTest, includes unites on genetic testing: quality management, information databases, public health, new technologies and education European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG) European Genetics Foundation (EGF) European Cytogeneticist Association (ECA) European Society of Gene Therapy (ESGT) Clinical Molecular Genetics Society (CMGS) Association of Chinese Geneticists in America Latin American Human Genetics Network [Red Latinoamericana de Gentica Humana], (RELAGH) Latin American Society of Genetics (ALAG) International Federation of Human Genetics Societies (see Member Societies List) Human Genome Organisation (HUGO) Human Genetics Programme, World Health Organization (WHO) Society for The Study of Inborn Errors of Metabolism (SSIEM) International Consortium For Oral Clefts Genetics (ICOCG) International Genetic Epidemiology Society (IGES) EuroGenTest, includes unites on genetic testing: quality management, information databases, public health, new technologies and education Association for Molecular Pathology (see genetics subdivision) The Genome Action Coalition (TGAC) National Cancer Institute - Directory of Genetic Counseling Experts World of Genetic Societies - Federation of Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) Coalition for Genetic Fairness (CGF) Genetic Resources on the Web (GROW) Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies (HMHB) Public Health Genetics Society National Coalition for Health Professional Education in Genetics (NCHPEG) National Advisory Council for Human Genome Research (NACHGR) Secretary's Advisory Committee on Genetic Testing (SACGT) National and Regional Genetics Societies and Associations, Illinois State Academy of Science Genetick spolecnosti ve svete, lists of genetic societies Center For Disease Control, United States Government National Institute of Health, United States Government World Cancer Research Fund International Argentina Argentina Society of Medical Genetics [Sociedade Argentina de Gentica Mdica] Sociedade Argentina de Gentica Arab States Center for Arab Genomic Studies Bahrain State of Bahrain Ministry of Health Brazil Brazilian Clinical Genetics Society [Socidade Brasileira de Gentica] Brunei Darussalam Ministry of Health, Brunei Darussalam Chile Sociedad de Gentica de Chile, Chilean Genetics Society La Sociedad de Gentica de Chile (affiliated with Chilean Biology Society) China Cancer Institute, Second Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, PR China Cook Islands Government of the Cook Islands Eastern Biotech Genetic Testing and Counseling MSH1 and MSH2 Estonia Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs Estonia Society of Medical Genetics Fiji Ministry of Health, Fiji Finland Finnish Society of Medical Genetics Department of Medical Genetics, University of Helsinki, Biomedicum Helsinki, P.O. Box 63, Helsinki, 00014, Finland Holland Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport Danish Society of Medical Genetics (Dansk Selskab for Medicinsk Genetik) Dutch Association of Clinical Genetics (VKGN) Netherlands Society of Human Genetics University Medical Centre Utrecht, Lundlaan 6, Utrecht, The Netherlands The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Plesmanlaan 121, Amsterdam, The Netherlands St. Antonius Hospital, Koekoekslaan 1, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands Department of Genetics, University Medical Centre Groningen, University of Groningen, Hanzeplein 1, Groningen, The Netherlands University Medical Centre Utrecht, Heidelberglaan 100, Utrecht, The Netherlands Department of Clinical Genetics, VU University Medical Centre, De Boelelaan 1117, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology Erasmus MC University Medical Center, PO Box 2040, 3000 CA, Rotterdam, the Netherlands Department of Public Health, Erasmus MC University Medical Center, PO Box 2040, 3000 CA, Rotterdam, the Netherlands Department of Clinical Genetics, Erasmus MC University Medical Center, PO Box 2040, 3000 CA, Rotterdam, the Netherlands Department of Human and Clinical Genetics, Leiden University Medical Center, PO Box 9600, 2300 RC Leiden, the Netherlands Department of Internal Medicine, Erasmus MC University Medical Center, PO Box 2040, 3000 CA, Rotterdam, the Netherlands The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam Department of Clinical Genetics and Human Genetics, VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam Department of Clinical Genetics, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam Department of Gastroenterology, The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam India Cancer Institute (WIA), Adyar, Chennai - 600020, India Italy Italian Society of Human Genetics (SIGU) (Societa Italiana di Genetica Umana) Korea Genetics Society of Korea (GSK) Korean Society of Human Genetics Latvia Latvian Medical Genetics Society Hereditary Cancer Institute, Riga Stradiš University, Dzirciema Street 16, LV 1007, Riga, Latvia Lebanon Ministry of Public Health, Lebanon Eastern Biotech Genetic Testing and Counseling MSH1 MSH2 Lithuania Ministry of Health, Republic of Lithuania Lithuanian Society of Human Genetics Vilnius University Hospital Santariskiu Clinics, Santariskiu st. 2, Vilnius LT-08661, Lithuania Luxembourg Ministre de la Sante, Luxembourg New Zealand New Zealand Ministry of Health Papua New Guinea Department of Health, Papua New Guinea Qatar Ministry of Public Health, Qatar Romania Romanian Society of Human Genetics Serbia Serbian Society for Human Genetics Singapore National University Hospital, Singapore Slovak Republic Ministry of Health, Slovak Republic (This website is not available in English) Slovenia Ministry of Health, Republic of Slovenia UAE College of Health Sciences, Genetics, University of Sharjah, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates Revised 9/13/2012
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