Affordable Care Act, Program for individuals with preexisting conditions


Arkansas enacted legislation, HB 2781 Act 2236, in 2005, which provides colorectal cancer screening for individual and group HMOs, Medicaid, State employees' and PUblic School Teachers' Health Insurance Program for individuals who are 35-40 in a high risk group, to African Americans and to anyone over the age of 40.  Examinations and tests are in accordance with ACS guidelines.  Individuals will choose their screenings with a health provider.


Health and Human Services Information for Rural Arkansas


Central Arkansas Radiation Therapy Institute,


Univ of Arkansas - Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute, Little Rock, Arkansas 501-686-8530  Genetic Testing and Counseling

University of Arkansas for Medical Services (previous to a cancer diagnosis)


Listed within these resources are HRSA federally funded health centers which offer medical services to individuals even if they don't have insurance.  Services are provided on fees based upon an ability to pay.  It is important for those who have Lynch syndrome to realize there are resources for cancer screening, once diagnosed.

The HRSA facilities are family health centers and are often operated by general practitioners and womens medical health professionals.  It is important to use these facilities in a manner of first consulting the GP and providing him with the family history for assessment.  The GP will then order specific testing and make referrals as needed, to other facilities which offer services which are provided on fees based upon an ability to pay.

As well, resources include the CDC and other states' Colonoscopy programs, which are also provided with fees which are based upon an ability to pay.


HRSA Health Centers:


Jonesboro Family Health Center, Jonesboro, AR 870-347-2508

Lake City Health Center, Lake City, AR 870-237-3399

Lakeview Area Clinic, Helena, AR 870-827-3201

Lee County Cooperative Clinic, Marianna, AR 870-295-5225

Lewisville Family Practice Center, Lewisville, AR 870-921-5781

Little Rock CHC, Little Rock, Arkansas 501-376-1285

Mainline Health System, Portland, 870-AR 737-2221

McCrory Health Center, McCrory, AR 870-731-5411

Mid-Delta Health Systems, Clarendon, AR 870-747-3381

Boston Rural Mountain Health Center, Huntsville, AR 749-738-5500

Deer, AR 870-428-5391

Cabun Rural Health Center, Hampton, AR 870-798-4299

Carlisle Medical Clinic, Carlisle, AR 870-552-7303

College Station Clinic, College Station, AR 501-490-2440

Community Clinic, Rogers, AR 479-636-9235

Siloam Springs, AR 479-524-9550

Springdale, AR 479-751-7417

Community Health Care Center, Walnut Ridge, AR 870-886-5507

Corning Area Healthcare, Corning, AR 870-857-3399

Cotton Plant Medical Clinic, Cotton Plant, Ar  870-459-3588

Dermott Medical and Dental Clinic, Dermott, Ar 870-538-3355

Des Arc Health Center, Des Arc, AR 870-256-4178

East Arkansas Family Health Center  West Memphis Ar 870-475-2977

Lepanto, AK 870-475-2977

England Health Center, England, AR


Low Cost-No Cost Colonoscopies


Saint Francis House Clinic
Offers free or reduced cost cancer screenings.
Saint Francis House Clinic Little Rock (501) 552-3241
Pulaski County Health Unit – Central Little Rock Little Rock 501-280-3100 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Pulaski County Health Unit – N. Little Rock N. Little Rock 501-791-8551 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Pulaski County Health Unit – Southwest Little Rock Little Rock 501-565-9311 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
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