and the tremendous public awareness venture they sponsored at the Brisbane Australia Relay for Life event.  They are rocking and sure do have a lot of fun!!!  If you wish to be involved with LSI Australia, simply contact Beth at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Yep, I would say she was "blue!"  Lynch syndrome blue!!!!! And she was sure had fun!  Boy, those Aussies sure know how to LIVE!!!!!


Just look at all those beautiful families! If you look close, you probably know them!  In fact, they spent many years with us in our living rooms and upon our television sets.  Heck, we grew up together, learning family was the most important aspect of life and the root of our existence.  From them, we learned just what family means and how very special it is.

And when you think about it, despite coming in different sizes, colors, religions and cultures, our families are not very different from one another...we have all the same hopes and fears and dreams for our children...that they will be happy and safe and healthy...

So, who couldn't fall in love with this great group of Lynch syndrome families? These folks are making a difference down under by standing up and making their lives count...

Finally...not only did they play together, but  memorialized those family members not present -- who left this world far before their time.  Many have sustained tragic losses of those they loved to cancer...however, those of us with Lynch syndrome, most likely, have become masters in memorializing the many members of our individual families, whom we have loved and who left us, needlessly--especially since there does exist a cost effective solution which is almost the equivalent to a cure...hopefully someone will get the clue and across the board testing will become an everyday part of life, so we and our families can live...huh?

Each lit bag represents a loved one lost to cancer.  This powerfully indicates the seriousness of Lynch syndrome, with more lit bags than survivors and previvors and their family members.